Flowers Birds Love & Berries With High Antioxidant Levels For Healthy Lifestyle

Make us your #1 choice for your landscaping needs! We have a large assortment of

Perennials, ferns, and vines!

The Blue Flag Iris

A bright and colorful wildflower and its incredible 6 years that it blooms!

The charming

Copper Iris with impeccable sword blooms, but still manages to attract delicate butterflies and hummingbirds!

The Narrow leaf Glade Fern

That is so beautiful and green.

The Red Cardinal flat perennial herb also great for flying hummingbirds!

You will love the Dutchman’s pipe as it grows right before your eyes with its heart shaped leaves. It can be used to cover a wall or climb an ivory trellis.

We have an outstanding selection of suitable, edible, and very tasty Berry Trees that

Are sure to please many a sweet tooth! There is the Fuzzy Red Raspberry, the soft Boysenberry,

Irresistible Dewberry for that irritable stomach,

Huckelberry that supplies you with this tasty treat for 4 years, and the

Dwarf Rabbit Blue Berry, which gives you that enchanting pie with its production of seven to twelve, pounds in berries a year for 5 years!

There are so many products that the list go on and on, if you want to see more, come a tour!

The TN Nursery and Wetlands! Sure to satisfy!


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