Big Leaf Periwinkle – A Tough Ornamental & A Great Groundcover

The beauty of planting groundcovers for most people is they require very little care. In fact, they are so dominant they will often crowd out other plants. This is especially true of Big Leaf Periwinkle, which can be bought wholesale at many plant nurseries. Groundcovers by their very nature often receive a negative reaction, especially from the inexperienced gardener.

It is true that some groundcovers tend to be aggressive in their growth and can easily get out of control. However, choosing the right groundcover from a plant nursery and getting good advice, can help to beautify your space in ways you never even imagined. A few good reasons why the Big Leaf Periwinkle may be a good choice for your garden include:

• They can be used to separate sections of the garden, and create barriers helping guests to know where to walk. They can also be grown along the edges for an interesting look.

• The Big Leaf Periwinkle, like so many other types of groundcover can grow in difficult areas that you have not had much success with in the past.

• It has enormous aesthetic appeal thanks to the flowers which are usually violet to blue, although sometimes they are white.

Choosing the Right Amount of Plants

When buying Big Leaf Periwinkle from the plant nursery, the amount will depend on the amount of space available and the spacing you will use. Typically the plants are spaced 10 – 12 inches apart, so the best suggestion is to use 100 plants for a space of 100 sq ft. This figure should be doubled for a space of 200 sq ft and so on.

Like so many other types of groundcover, the Big Leaf Periwinkle will thrive with little care. Often sloping areas of the landscape may seem unattractive, and it is difficult to maintain plants in these areas. This is one of the advantages of this tough ornamental. Not only will it make the spot much more attractive, it will do this with a minimum of fuss.

This plant has been used as an ornamental since the 1700s. Once it takes hold in your garden it will be easy to see why. Remember that although the Big Leaf Periwinkle does not require much care, it is still important to prepare the soil before planting. This includes checking for diseases, and weeding the area properly. You can easily get tips for preparation from your plant nursery, as well as ways to manage the growth of your Big Leaf Periwinkle.


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